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Delivery Terms:

Thank you for purchasing at GIORMANI online store which is exclusively operated by Arredamenti Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Company) as follows:


■   Free delivery from online purchase on HK$1,000 (applicable in Hong Kong only, except Tung Chung, Ma Wan and Discovery Bay).

■   HK$100 delivery fee from online purchase on HK$501– HK$999.

■   HK$55 delivery fee from online purchase below HK$500.

■   Our delivery hotline is (852) 2697 1831 and office hour is 9:30am-6:30pm from Monday to Friday, no hotline service will be provided on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Service would be suspended without prior notice due to typhoon, heavy rain storm, other accidents, etc.

■   The company will call customers 1-2 days before delivery to confirm the delivery date and time. If the company cannot reach the customer before 6pm one working prior to delivery. The delivery will be arranged on another day according to the district of the delivery address (Mon/Thu: Kowloon, Tue/Sat: Hong Kong Island, Wed/Fri: New Territories, Wed: Tung Chung, Discovery Bay).

■   The Company shall not be liable for any delivery service which is not directly accessed by trucks or in outlying island, or deliver via balconies or any conditions of the building that has obstructed the delivery. For delivery location which requires our workers to walk up by steps (eight step as one storey), we shall have a service charge per item per storey, the charges can be referred to "Delivery charge for place without lift". Extra transportation cost will be charged for Lantau Island area/container terminal/airport, details can be referred to “Fee Charges for Extra Service”.

■   Customer should provide size of the lift and the door of their delivery location before production. Otherwise, the company will not be liable if the ordered items are unable to deliver due to any obstacle(s).

■   The Company will not liable for second delivery for free. Surcharge will be required for second delivery or assembly service requested on another day after first delivery.

■   Customer has responsibility to check clearly the parts and  the glass (if any). No replacement will be accepted after checking and signing on the delivery note.

■   If the Company is unable to deliver the paid products,our maximum liability should be limited to the payment received from the customer only.

■   The Company reserves the right of final decision and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

■   In case, there is discrepancy between Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail unless otherwise stated. 

 Fee Charges for Extra Services
Extra delivery charge for place without lift

■  If the amount of purchase sofa type product, over HK$1,000,HK$100 of transportation fee will be waived.

  Non-functional Sofa:  HK$80 per item for each floor from 1/F to 5/F and HK$120 per unit item for each floor from 6/F and upwards.

■  Recliner Sofa Model (with or without mechanism) /Sofa bed / Storage Sofa: HK$150 per sofa for each floor from 1/F to 5/F and HK$220 per unit item for each floor from 6/F and upwards.

■  EB mechanism high leg recliner sofa model series: HK$200 per item for each floor from 1/F to 5/F and HK$300 per unit item for each floor from 6/F and upwards.

■  Recliner cabinet coffee table model (CC series): HK$40 per item for each.

■  If delivery requires go up or down the stairs,every 8 steps will be regarded as one floor.

■  The charge of delivery by sling per item is HK$400 for one floor, HK$600 for two floors and HK$800 for three floors (the work will only be performed when the condition of the environment is feasible an practical).

  If the assemble or removal of sofa parts e.g. back cushion, sofa arm & legs etc. required an extra visit of our technicians after sofa delivery, the following fee charges will be incurred (per sofa per visit) : 

     Non-functional Sofa HK$500; Recliner - HK$500

*If need to disassemble the whole sofa, please call our Customer Service hotline for details.       

  HK$100 per item/100 meters will be charged after first 100 meters of walking distance from the available and legaunloading point to the customer delivery address.

Disposal of old sofa

 Sofa Type (HK$)

Each maxi 3 or 4 seats (Width>82”)

Each 3 seats (Width 63-82”)

Each 2 seats or chaise longue (Width 41– 62”)

Each 1 seat (Width 40”)

Each Stool

Non-functional sofa






Sofa required to be disassembled on-site to move out the apartment or move in the lift






Recliner / Sofa bed / Storage sofa (include disassembled sofa)






*The above price is only applicable given the lift is available for disposing the sofas. Otherwise, extra fee maybe incurred and please contact us for quotation.

Storage fee

Should customers fail to collect the items after 1 month from the date of order confirmation for brand new item or after 2 weeks from the invoice date for display item, customers have to pay extra storage fee. Please ask our staff for details.

Fee for onsite checking

Fee charges for on site checking by our technicians (except the problems related to the internal structure of the sofas) :

-Sofa   - HK$350 (within 5 years) / HK$650 (after 5 years)

-Recliner - HK$350 (within 5 years) / HK$650 (after 5 years)

Fee for alteration of delivery date due to previous refusal to accept delivery

HK$200 per invoice will be charged for customer who refuses to accept our delivery of items and request a change of delivery date when the items are being delivered to or have been delivered to the destination instructed.

Charges for special area

Outlying Islands (except Tung Chung / Discovery Bay / Ma Wan)

 -Only deliver to Outlying Islands Pier

 -Tung Chung : HK$40 of tunnel fee surcharge

 -Discovery Bay : HK$181 of tunnel fee surcharge

 -Ma Wan (Park Island) : HK$50 of tunnel fee surcharge

If request for special delivery, HK$350 of special delivery cost will be charged. Please ask our staff for details.

After relocation the sofa applied to retain the warranty

On-site checking fee after relocation of the sofa by other party :

  Sofa- HK$350 ;  Recliner - HK$500

The above fee include technicians on-site checking and administrative costs for retain the warranty. If the sofa needs repairing, there will be surcharged on the repairing service and parts.

Or the warranty will be valid continuously provided that the sofa is relocated by our company's authorized staff. Please ask our staff for the details of relocation fee.

Buying Guide


 1. Make a note of your new furniture's largest dimensions (which will often be the diagonal) and check that it will fit comfortably into the lift and through the doorway or hallway and up your stairs;
2. If you are replacing old with new, measure your existing piece to check the difference in size. Mark out the area on your floor with tape;

3. Allow +/- 5cm of deviation on sofa dimensions;

4. Measure the dimensions of other furniture in the living room to ensure the delivery;

5. Recliners need 10-15 cm in which to recline;

6. Sofa beds extend to approximately 248 cm when the bed is unfolded. Allow more space at the end if you need to walk around the bed