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Giormani History

Giormani was founded by Mr. Kelvin Ng and Ms Jane Tong in 1999. As sofa is the centerpiece of a home that can gather all family members for a long time, they started the business by providing quality, comfortable and stylish sofa furniture. Working with young designers from Italy, Germany and Hong Kong for years enables the Company to keep up with the latest trends from the continent and ensures a freshness of approach. Also, its designer team masterfully blends tradition and innovation, classic and contemporary designs, to create unique and modern sofas and armchairs. Giormani’s designs consistently combine functionality with creativity.

Giormani Hong Kong

Giormani is proud of its ability of combining a host of different materials in a single design. Customers can choose their desired leather or fabric colour and pattern from up to 40 choices of leather and over 200 kinds of fabrics for different portions of the sofas. The softness of the seat and back cushions can be adjusted to suit customers’special requirement. In addition, there are a wide varity of sofa legs available in Giormani for mixing and matching with different styles of sofas.
Giormani also provides excellent after-sales service, with each sofa being tested before being delivered to the customers. Most sofa models have a five-year warranty and maintenance and repair services are provided.

Giormani Worldwide

Giormani provides sofas for export to not only the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, China and South-east Asia, but also the European markets. Giormani has partners in Germany and Italy, and works with European companies to distribute sofa products throughout Europe.